Friday, March 11, 2016

Compare and Contrast Part II

Basking Shark and Great White Shark
By Brian

You will learn about what Basking shark and great white shark looks like. First, basking shark has no teeth but great white shark have sharp teeth. Next, basking shark and great white shark are both 14 feet big. Then, basking shark swallows his food whole, but great white shark chows his food.
I will tell you about what basking shark and great white shark eat. First of all, they both eat seals and krill. Also, basking shark eats small fish. Great white shark eats big fish. After that, great white sharks eats sea lions and other sharks and basking sharks eat everything.
I will tell you where basking shark and great white shark live. In the beginning, both live in the ocean. Secondly, great white sharks live in North Africa and basking shark live in Southern California. Finally, both sharks live in Australia. I hope you liked my essay on Great white shark and basking shark.
                                                                                Thank you.

Basking Shark

Great White Shark


  1. Dear Brian, I loved your research! I sure wonderr though how the Basking shark kills his prey without any teeth. Good work!

  2. Dear LK,
    The Basking Shark just swallows its prey whole! Did you know, it is actually a fish, not a shark?!

  3. Brian, thank you for helping me learning more about different sharks. I have never seen a Basking Shark before! How interesting!