Friday, March 11, 2016

Compare and Contrast

The last few weeks, the students have been researching two animals and writing compare and contrast essays about those animals.  We've also been discussing blogging and how when we blog, the whole world can see our work, not just their teacher and parents.  We've discussed how motivating it can be to know that so many people around the world could view our work and make comments.  The next few posts will showcase some of our best work!

Camels and Kangaroos
By Emily and Lupita

You will learn about what kangaroos and look like. To begin with camels have small ears however kangaroos have big ears. Second, in common they both are mammals. They both have brown fur.  Another reason, kangaroos have straight necks and camels have curved necks.  Camels have humps on their back.
You will learn about what kangaroos and camels eat. First of all, camels eat thorns. Furthermore, they both eat plants but camels eat salty plants. Third, kangaroos eat grass and baby kangaroos eat small bugs or plants.
You will learn about what kangaroos and camels live. First of all, kangaroos live in New Guinea, Arabia Islands, and New Zealand. Besides,  in common they both live in Australia but camels live in the Australia  desert. After that, camels live in South America. I hope you liked my nonfiction writing. 
Fun Facts
You usually see Kangaroos in zoos and animals parks. Some kangaroos live in groups name mobs. Camels they find their way in a sand storm with their eyes closed.


  1. I have another fun fact for you, the United States once had a camel corps! These are the amazing insights brought to you by history teachers ;)

    Mr. C

  2. Lupita and Emily,

    I really enjoyed getting to read your research! I wonder what kind of "Salty plants" the two mammals like to eat? Thank you for helping me learn something new!

    Mrs. Menard