Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy #PenATweet Day

I woke up this morning (Happy Monday everyone) and decided to get right to work.  I started with checking The Daily Create and I was so excited by what I found!  Last week I struggled with the idea of remixes and the digital age taking over and possibly replacing the written word (I calmed down) and then I found today's assignment.

Apparently July 1st is #PenATweet Day (we are a little late but better late than never) so after reading more about it, naturally I was excited and intrigued.  The day focuses on 'celebrating the importance of handwriting in the midst of a digital era.'

Being a third grade teacher, I think handwriting is so important for kids to learn.  I can't tell you the number of crazy ways kids hold pencils these days!!  I happen to have terrible handwriting (a real bummer being a teacher) so I constantly stress to my students how important nice handwriting is. Luckily they are at the age where they don't argue with me so if I make them redo something in better handwriting, they do it :)

Happy #PenATweet Day everyone!

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