Friday, July 10, 2015

Kindergarten Minds

For this week's digital story critique I decided to keep it upbeat.  I have critiqued some fairly serious stories in previous weeks but Lisa's Taylor Swift parody inspired me!  I was also looking at Emily's critique to get some ideas and read about a site called Trailer Cuts on her blog.  Right away I saw a recent remix that caught my attention: Kindergarten Cop meets Dangerous Minds:

This remix features two movies on education but they are complete opposites in terms of plots. Kindergarten Cop is a funny movie with little kids and Dangerous Minds (great movie!) is a serious movie with troubled high school students.  Both start with inexperienced teachers and an unruly class and in the end they both triumph.  This editor took polar opposite movies and created this trailer with the theme song from Dangerous Minds and clips from Kindergarten Cop.  I am assuming he is a fan of both movies and did a good job with this mashup.  If you are a teacher, you can relate to Arnold :)

I am critiquing this mashup using Lankshear and Knobel's 'making movie trailers' literacy dimensions, specifically:

  • Knowing how to access original movie footage to use in the remixed trailer
  • Paying attention to original movie story lines and leveraging them
  • Having access to key scenes from the movie that match one's purpose
Knowing how to access original movie footage to use in the remixed trailer: The editor, David Gonzales, had access to the original movie and used great scene choices in his remix that aligned with his goal of mashing two different movies. 10/10

Paying attention to original movie story lines and leveraging them: I think he did a great job of this!  I have seen both movies and the scenes he chose from Kindergarten Cop and the theme song from Dangerous Minds matched perfectly for what he was going for.  Both movies start with a struggling teacher that ends up succeeding at the end so they were a good choice in mashing. 10/10

Having access to key scenes from the movie that match one's purpose: I am not sure how he made the trailer, I am assuming he paid for the movie and the song to mash together.  There is not a lot of detail on how the editors make the trailers, but they are fun to watch and the scenes he chose matched his purpose. 10/10

Overall Score: 30/30

I think this remix could have been better if the editor found a way to incorporate a few clips with Michelle Pfeiffier from Dangerous Minds and not just the theme song (don't me wrong, I love Coolio).  She has some great lines that could have been worked in and mashed up to compliment what Arnold says.  Overall, I though it was clever and I would have never thought of the idea!


  1. Hi Emily,

    Awesome critique, I actually remember watching both of these movies when I was younger! I think the video was very well put together and if you haven't watched either movie could think the trailer was a real trailer! Also, commenting on how he made the trailer, I am unsure myself but seeing how there is so many fan made trailers out there I am sure many just do it for a hobby!

  2. Emily,
    I didn't immediately think of Dangerous Minds when I watched this video but now that you have mentioned it, it makes the video that much funnier. Therefore I agree with your comment that there should have been a few shots from Dangerous Minds to make that connection more clear.

    I'm glad you picked this digital story because it put a smile to my face. Listening to Coolio with such a dark song and seeing Arnold with the fear of god in his eyes when he meets his classroom... priceless.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. It was just funny to me to see Arnold, who normally plays such tough rolls, as a scared kindergarten teacher and then pair that with Coolio's rap and an intense, serious movie. I am glad you both enjoyed it because it made me smile too!!

  4. Hi Emily,

    I picked to critique your story because I love the movie Kindergarten Cop! I've never seen Dangerous Minds, so I did not know that Gangster's Paradise was the theme. I just thought that the song fits well with the scenes the creator chose.

    I also like that the creator added credits in the video, gave it a nice touch.

    "IT'S NOT A TUMAR!" - I quote this all the time to my husband.

  5. Dangerous Minds is like an older version of Freedom Writers, if you've seen that. Both great movie! That's a great line to quote all the time haha

  6. That was fun to watch but like you said, they didn't really combine the movies or change the original story of k-cop. The mashup of the Dangerous Minds theme song in the beginning was well-done. I think Gonzalez could've continued with the combination of silliness from K cop and the heaviness of Dangerous Minds.

  7. I, like everyone else, agree that this remix could have benefited from having some Dangerous Minds clips. Simply using "Gangster's Paradise" didn't fully tie the two together. Maybe the creator was counting on people linking the two based on them remembering the popularity of the song and movie combined. Younger viewers may not have the knowledge that "Gangster's Paradise" was incorporated into Dangerous Minds and wouldn't be able to put all the pieces together. Overall I think it was a successful mashup as it flowed well, but could have been so much more had clips from both movies been included.