Sunday, July 5, 2015

What's With All the Drawing Daily Creates??

Ok, so I was holding out this week for a Daily Create that didn't involve drawing (in case you missed it, I did a beautiful drawing a few days ago) or making a video.  I was disappointed that there was no fun 4th of July assignment like filming fireworks or uploading a picture of your BBQ, but oh well.

Drawing is not my best skill, so I went with a photography Daily Create assignment I found from a few days ago.  I had to embed a famous painting in an everyday setting, perfect project given our remix theme this week.

I am currently on vacation in Michigan visiting my family so I figured a water picture was appropriate.  Now a few disclaimers...I only have my school computer with me so my photoshopping options were limited due to a lack of available software.  I also have no idea how to photoshop so I did my best using my favorite app on my phone, PicsArt.  Maybe someone can teach me how to blend!

Photo of the Grand Haven Pier and Monet's Painting

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  1. So funny, Emily, I was just thinking the same thing as I pulled up your blog! Another drawing TDC!