Saturday, July 18, 2015

Something new from a far away land

Let me preface this post by telling you how nearly impossible it's been to blog from much for being global...I couldn't get wifi to work in the hotel with a computer or an iPad.   I apologize about the lack of links but that's asking a lot apparently. For now if you want to see the mix up go to fanfiction, then mix ups, then Grey's anatomy then law and order SVU then it's the first one. I've also added screen shots!

This week I decided to try something new. I have never see any fan fiction before so I went to and started browsing. Unfortunately, the wifi where I am isn't the fastest thing in the world so my options were limited. However, I explored TV shows and saw some Friends stuff, obviously everyone knows I love Friends, but changed my mind when I saw the mix ups section. I clicked on Grey's Anatomy then saw I could mix it with Law and Order: SVU and got so excited...two of my other favorite shows! To be honest, I think this mix up could have been done much better, maybe I'll write my own crossover :)

I chose to critique this fan fiction based on 3 of Lankshear & Knobel's literacy dimensions:

1.) crafting an engaging plot line that remains 'believable' despite the new twists given to characters and extant story lines. 
2.) may include writing reviews and providing feedback on other's narratives 
3.) using good grammar and spelling; or using bad grammar and bad spelling for developing characters, etc. 

1.) this story has believable plot lines because the back story here matches with the shows' plot. Even with the new twists and added characters (babies) the plot line makes sense and could really happen. 
Score: 10/10

2.) at the end of the fan fiction the author welcomes reviews and provides commentary on her thought process. Only 2 people have reviewed this work and based on the author's request I think he/she wants more feedback. 
Score: 10/10

3.) this was the weakest part of the fan fiction. There were several times when I had to re-read parts of this in order to follow or understand the new plot. The grammar was ok but nothing was so bad that it interfered with the story line. 
Score: 8/10

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  1. Emily, way to get this done while being out of the country! I have been introduced to a number of new concepts through this course and fanfic is one of them. I really had no idea this existed but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This was interesting and I think your assessment was right on. It definitely felt believable even though I know Law & Order better than Grey's Anatomy