Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Professor Tag

I had a lot of fun with the "Dog It Out" DS106 Design assignment this week.  It was frustrating at first to find a good photo editor program...I tried fotor but I couldn't  figure out how to add clip art and then I tried pixlr but that seemed way too complicated for me. In the end, I used PicsArt on my phone and I love my finished product!

Once again, there were very few assignments that related to my focal theme, there were two and I wasn't impressed with either, so I got creative and tied another assignment into my theme (technology and education).

**Maybe I am not searching in the right way...how are others finding assignments related to their theme?**

The goal of this assignment was to take a picture of your dog or any animal and upload the picture to a photo editor program.  Then we needed to edit the picture to make it something unique, interesting and make people smile!  I think I accomplished those things...you be the judge!

I now introduce to you Professor TagDog...

I ended up using the PicsArt app on my phone, which is very simple to use!


  1. Hey Emily! Cute pup :) Regarding your question on how to find projects related to your focal theme, maybe instead of looking at it so literally, you can find ways to integrate your theme through, let's say, how you write your posts? So, if your theme is technology and education you could spend some time highlighting the steps you took and the technologies you used so someone who reads your post could learn how to replicate what you did. Just a thought :)

  2. Emily, you might also relate the assignment to your theme by discussing how you would use it as an Ed tech teaching tool.